Crazy NFT

Crazy NFT is a unique NFT virtual asset of the Crazy Snake project. Its uses in the game are as follows:
  1. 1.
    Participate in the gameplay (endless mode/survival mode) and obtain different amounts and types of rewards according to the current Hash power
  2. 2.
    Single NFT and NFT sets staking. During the staking process, Crazy NFT will obtain different amounts of CRAZY income rewards according to the current Hash power. If you participate in a NFT sets staking (multiple Crazy NFT staking), additional Hash power rewards will be generated, thereby generating more CRAZY income
  3. 3.
    To sell. Crazy NFT can be listed on the market and traded with other users, and the CRAZY obtained from the exchange will also be added to your wallet account as your asset
  4. 4.
    Rent. Crazy NFT can be rented to other users in the market, and you can get rental income after successful rental
Crazy NFT properties
  • Sex
In the game, the sex ratio of Crazy NFT is 7:3 (male: female), female NFT will be more rare and have higher value in the game.
  • Hash power
The hash power will determine your rewards. With a higher hash power you will receive better rewards after every match. The hash power is influence by the NFT quality and level.
  • Level
Crazy NFT’s level influence the Hash power, higher levels will grant you a higher Hash power. The current max level for Crazy NFTs is 20, for now.
  • Quality
The quality determines the range of initial hash power of Crazy NFT. The higher the quality of NFT, the higher the initial hash power compared to low-quality NFT. The current Crazy NFT quality is divided into: common (green) , Good (blue), Excellent (purple), Rare (pink), Epic (orange), Legendary (red)
  • Experience Points
The experience value of Crazy NFT can be improved through the Feed pack in the game. When the experience value is full, the level of Crazy NFT can be improved.
  • NFT sets
Each Crazy NFT has its own series, and Crazy NFTs of the same series will have similar appearance and properties. When you collect 3 to 5 Crazy NFTs of different qualities in the same series, you can get the corresponding computing power bonus (effective in series staking) and activate specific game attributes (effective in endless mode/survival mode)
  • Game properties
Game attributes are effective in endless mode/survival mode, and its types are divided into the following types:
Base Length: Affects the initial length of Crazy NFT in Endless Mode/Survival Mode [Base Speed] Affects the initial movement speed of Crazy NFT in Endless Mode/Survival Mode
Free Energy Efficiency: Increase the length bonus when Crazy NFT eats Free Energy in Endless Mode/Survival Mode
Drop Energy Efficiency: Increase the length bonus of Crazy NFTs in Endless Mode/Survival Mode when they eat and kill drop energy
Kill Absorption: Increase the instant length bonus when Crazy NFT kills other Crazy NFT in Endless Mode/Survival Mode
Absorptive Range: Affects the effective distance when Crazy NFT eats energy in Endless Mode/Survival Mode
  • Incubation times
Each Crazy NFT has a maximum number of incubations. When the maximum number of incubations is reached, Crazy NFT will no longer be able to participate in the incubation.
How to view the properties of Crazy NFT