Fast channel (Self-paid channel)

If, when performing transactions in your account you find it failing to proceed, one of the reasons might be that the blockchain is overloaded by transactions. This will result in having trouble doing anything related to the blockchain. The self-paid channel can help you speed up the process.

The advantages of the Self-paid channel:

  1. 1.
    The self-paid channel and the Pay-for-you are independent of each other, and the blockage of the Pay-for-you channel will not affect the self-paid channel
  2. 2.
    Due to the recalculation of the Gas fee price, the self-paid channel is easier to be prioritize subsequent processing on the blockchain
  3. 3.
    Self-paid channels have a higher execution success rate

How to enter the self-paid channel

Step 1: Open the "Exchange-GAS FEE" tab
Step 2: Use $CRAZY to exchange MATIC and ensure that MATIC in the wallet>1 to automatically enter the self-paid channel