Single currency staking

When you have a certain amount of idle $Crazy, you can choose to stake them in single currency and get the income

The steps of single currency staking

Step 1: Enter the amount of $Crazy you need to stake
Step 2: Select the period you want to staking. It should be noted here that after a successful staking, the single-currency staking principal during the staking period cannot be withdrawn at will Step 3: Click the "Pledge" button and complete the confirmation signature operation to successfully staking

Income from single-currency staking

After the single currency is successfully staked, $Crazy income will be generated at regular intervals. The income generated can be withdrawn at any time. The NFT staking income bonus is calculated as follows: Personal $Crazy token staking pool ratio X (revenue multiplier -1) / 2 = personal NFT staking pool ratio
CYT certificate
You can also get Crazy Ticket (CYT) certificate by staking $Crazy tokens. Possessing a certain number of vouchers is a necessary condition for purchasing Crazy Box. The amount of CYT is related to the number of $Crazy tokens participating in single-currency staking and the stake period. The comparison table is as follows:
Staking period
Stake 1 $CRAZY to get x CYT
7 days
14 days
1 month
3 months
6 months
1 year
2 years
3 years
The relationship between the amount of CYT held and the amount of Crazy Box purchased is as follows:
CYTs held
Number of Crazy Box that can be purchased
*A wallet address can purchase up to 100 Crazy Boxes per season.
The record of single currency staking
After completing the single-currency staking, you can see the details under the "My staking " tab.
The details of each single-currency staking will correspond to a CYT certificate amount, which can be viewed in "Backpack → Ticket"

Withdrawal of single currency staking

Claiming you staking
The principal withdrawal of single-currency staking can only be carried out after the stake time expires. After it expires, click the [REMOVED] button to claim your tokens, and the corresponding CYT certificate will also be destroyed.
Claiming your staking rewards
After the staking generates any income, you can click [CLAIM] to withdraw the staking income. Every 3 seconds, the network will generate rewards, and the amount of revenue generated is related to the amount and period of $CRAZY you stake .
*Single currency staking will have additional income bonus for NFT staking.
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