Import and existing wallet to Crazy Snake

When you already have a blockchain wallet, you can choose to import your wallet and enter the game by clicking "Import a wallet to sign in". When importing the wallet, you can choose to use one of the two methods of "Import Mnemonic" or "Import Private Key" to log in to the game. However, you need to pay attention to keep your mnemonic and private key properly and back them up in time to prevent you from being unable to log in to the game if you lose it. By losing it, you will also lose all your game assets and account.
Example: If you played Crazy Snake before and you changed to a new mobile phone, you need to synchronize your previous data to your new mobile phone. You only need to save the mnemonic phrase or private key, and Import it in.
In order to provide a more convenient and fast user experience, when you are in the game, you can also quickly create and import a new wallet through "Add New Wallet" and "Import wallet" in the "Wallet" page at any time.
Please note: mnemonic words and private keys are the only way to log in to the wallet, and they are also the keys to control all virtual assets in your wallet. Please keep them stored in a safe place, and never share them with anyone to avoid any losses.